The Pet Pantry

Of Northwest Louisiana, Inc.

A Pet Food Bank

Where and How do I receive food?

The Pet Pantry pet food bank does not give out pet food directly to individuals.  We procure the pet food and it is distributed solely through food pantries throughout the area.  You will need to go to one of the participating food pantries to receive pet food.

Please CALL (do not go to) the Food Bank of NWLA at 318-675-2400 and ask for information on the Food Pantry in your neighborhood. Not all food pantries carry the pet food, so if yours does not, please ask them to!

Please read the list below of FAQs before going to your participating food pantry.

Do I need to bring any paperwork?

To receive pet food, you will need to sign up to be a client with one of the distribution partner food pantries. To receive human food aid and pet food aid, the food pantries require a picture ID and proof of income.  Proof of income includes food stamp budget sheet, wage stub, social security paperwork, etc. Please contact your food pantry for their specific requirements.

How often can I receive aid?

You can receive pet food aid every 30 days, when you receive human food aid from the food pantry.

How much food can I receive?

The donated pet food is placed into gallon-sized Ziploc bags.  Supplies depending, a client will receive one gallon bag of dry cat or dog food a month, which equals to approximately 4 lbs of food. Occasionally, when canned food is donated, it will be distributed in addition to, or in lieu of, dry food.

I need more food, why can’t I get more food?

Our distribution partners serve many, many deserving clients every day. To ensure fairness and that the limited supply of pet food goes to the most people possible, the pet food is divided into smaller bags. Just like the “human food” at a food pantry, the pet food provided will not feed your pet for a month, but it does help a family stretch their dollar farther.

My pet has special needs or is picky. Can I get a certain kind of food?

We give what we have. We cannot guarantee any brand or type of pet food. Our food is donated, and it comes from many places and in many brands.

Can I have food for my rescue group?

Our mission is to supply individuals/families through food pantries. While we understand the needs of rescues and support their work, we do not have the resources.

Do I need to live in a certain place?

The food pantries have their own criteria for what locations they serve.

Call the Food Bank of NWLA at 318-675-2400 to find the name of the Food Pantry in your neighborhood