The Pet Pantry

Of Northwest Louisiana, Inc.

A Pet Food Bank

How We Work -

The Pet Pantry is a pet food bank.   A food bank is a non-profit organization which solicits, collects, and warehouses donated food. The Pet Pantry collects pet food donated locally, but primarily purchases food from financial donations. The pet food is then stored at the Food Bank of NWLA’s warehouse.

Food pantries can then order pet food from the Food Bank of NWLA, along with their other groceries and items, which serve people in need. Food pantries participating in the pet food program generally break the food down into gallon size baggies containing approximately 4-5 lbs. of pet food.  

The Mission of the Pet Pantry

We began as a pilot program with the Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana for the first year of our operation and still have a close partnership with the Food Bank.  All of our pet food is distributed through Food Bank Food Pantries. In the fall of 2015 we filed as a nonprofit corporation with the state of Louisiana and have since received 501(c)3 tax-exempt status from the IRS in our own right as the Pet Pantry of Northwest Louisiana, Inc.

Our mission has always been the same: to provide pet food at no cost to low- income families in the community. This helps the struggling pet owner stretch their scarce dollars farther, making it possible for more pets to stay in their loving homes with their families during times of need, helping prevent the pets from being abandoned on the streets or surrendered to an animal shelter. Over seven million companion animals enter shelters nationwide every year. Many never leave.